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Creepy (1964) 86

Creepy (1964) 86

Creepy (1964) 86

This ranks as one of the most original Christmas covers – ever.

Creepy magazine fell under the umbrella of Warren Publishing and was part of the fallout after Frederick Wertham’s crusade to abolish comic books from the American landscape. His meddling brought about a Congressional commission to study the impact of the four-color medium on the youth of the 1950s and the creation of the Comics Code Authority. The CCA proved a self-serving entity that made Pablum of the industry for decades to come.

Creepy became a safe haven for many in the comic book industry and launched the careers of those who continue to shape the field today.

This tome features Berni Wrightson, Carmine Infantion and Wally Wood – among others who shaped comic books – as it serves up six holiday horrors. Each story is a reminder of the former glory of Entertaining Comics (EC) and titles like Vault of Horror and Tales from the Crypt.

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