Casper’s Haunted Halloween (2019) 1


We’re gonna go old school and kick off the haunting season with Casper’s Haunted Halloween.

The main story is told in three acts, the first being ‘Spook School.’ Featured are our Friendly Ghost and the Ghostly Trio. Casper’s antagonists force him to attend fright school to hone his haunting craft.

Needless to say, it does not go well.

Nightmare, the spectral stallion, spells the main characters with the one-page ‘King Tut’s Tomb.’

When everyone returns for the second act, entitled ‘Ghosts in Goblandia,’ Goblins kidnap a gaggle of ghosts from the school. They are forced into servitude toiling in the fields and factories allowing the goblins time to terrorize.

Following the Frightful Fronk interlude starring Spooky, the final act ensues. This one called ‘It’s Never too Late to Learn.’ Casper demonstrates kindness is a virtue.

Finally, Spooky returns to ring down the curtain on the book with ‘Clammy Clay.’ He tricks a sorcerer with model behavior.




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