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Bugs Bunny (1962) 109

Bugs saves his hide from a rabbit stew by saving Christmas.

Bugs Bunny (1962) 109

Bugs Bunny (1962) 109

The Old Man of the Mountain has decreed there will be no Christmas for 1961. A single father attempts to ease the pain by providing a good holiday dinner for his children. When they learn their hero is the main course, the children protest.

In return Bugs promises to put matters right and sets off to visit the Old Man of the Mountain. His nefarious plan is to shoot Santa from the sky as he makes his Christmas Eve rounds. That done, the Old Man can corner the toy market.

Bugs saves the day with help of a diminutive army. The evening ends with caroling around a present laden tree.

The story is reprinted from Dell’s Bugs Bunny’s Christmas Funnies (1950) issue five.

Numbering for the series is hard to follow. Gold Key picked up the numbering from the Dell run lasting from issues one through 85. Whitman continued the Dell numbering publishing from 210 to 245.

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