Bettie Page (2018) Halloween Special


Bettie goes undercover in Pickman’s Supermodel to stop a dimensional take over.

Bettie Page (2018) Halloween Special

Bettie Page (2018) Halloween Special

Other worldly happenings continue in Haunting in Hollywood. A rival decides to eliminate competition by inviting Bettie to a haunted house. Any clichés end when the host admits defeat and takes her leave.

Page was a real-life model appearing in bondage and S&M photographs as her stock in trade. She would later become known as the Queen of Bondage.

In the 1950s, Page would become a Playmate of the Month in Hugh Hefner’s fledgling Playboy.

Her risqué modeling career was short lived, but has become the thing of legend.

Page retired from modeling by the 1960s. She would work for Reverend Billy Graham after attending bible college. A divorce kept her from becoming a missionary in Africa.

In the late 1970s Page was diagnosed as a schizophrenic and spent 20 months in the Patton State Hospital in California. She was later arrested for assault and found innocent on grounds of insanity. Page would be placed under supervision. She was finally released in 1992.

She died Dec. 11, 2008.

Her legacy continues as evidenced with this comic book. Minor planet 184784 has been named after Page.


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