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Archie Christmas Spectacular (2020) 1

Here’s a tradition often overlooked, the Archie Christmas Spectacular.

Wreath Wrath is a vehicle for Mr. Weatherbee who has an attack of conscience as a colossal Santa haunts his decision to ban Christmas from school. Of course, it’s Archie who sends up the warning to the aging administrator.

Holi-Dazed has Archie remembering – too late – a promise made a year earlier. The pubescent Romeo finds himself with two dates for the holiday dance. His first is sweet on him, but sours when the spirit of Christmas comes between them.

Betty and Veronica team for the Best Holiday Cookie contest in Kookie Contest. As guessed, the team-up fails and Jughead steals the show with his simple recipe.

Santa Sleighed has the big guy stranded at the Lodge’s. Veronica’s social media faux paus leads to a Christmas Eve of karaoke.

This continues the updated spectaculars restarted in 2016.

Archie Christmas Spectacular (2020) 1

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