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Action Comics (1938) 6

Smile pretty and polish your lens, it’s National Camera Day.

Action Comics (1938) 6

Action Comics (1938) 6

Last year Peter Parker/Spider-Man emceed festivities. This year we’re tapping Jimmy Olsen as the freckled face of the (non) holiday.

The Daily Planet’s chief shutterbug’s first appearance is questionable. Action Comics issue six has a bow-tie wearing office boy, but his name wasn’t mentioned until the April 15, 1940, episode of the Superman radio show.

It wasn’t until Superman (1939) issue 13 in late 1941 the name Jimmy Olsen appeared in a comic book. His popularity grew enough that by 1954 Jimmy had his own book, Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen. It would last until 1974 when it was merged with The Superman Family book.

Crises and reboots have not been able to dislodge Olsen from Superman’s coattails. His character and (marginal) popularity continue to this day.

To celebrate the day, snap a photo of someone close to preserve the memory. Photos can be shared by using #NationalCameraDay.

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