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52 (2006) 33

It’s ‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ in the new DC Universe during week 33 of 52.

Various DC notables, Alfred Pennyworth, Nightwing, Batwoman, Lex Luthor etc. are in evidence as Christmas approaches. To keep the storyline intact and provide context for the season, all are seen participating in holiday activities. Maybe the most notable is Nightwing’s presentation of an official Batarang to Batgirl. The symbolism is not lost on the latest Gotham siren as she is ushered into the Bat Family.

Luthor even finds the Christmas spirit as he gives Infinity, Inc. new cars leaving no trope unturned.

52 was a weekly comic penned by Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns, Mark Waid and Greg Rucka explaining the missing year after DC’s second crisis Infinite Crisis. The series was followed by Countdown to Final Crisis.

52 (2006) 33

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